Regina Mills Ankle Boot Appreciation


Disney Film Meme [x] Saddest Moment

Simba tries to wake Mufasa [The Lion King]

I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes - I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project.

Emma Thompson during Jameson Empire Awards 2014 (x)

Video Game Challenge ❍ [2/7] female characters - Tess from The Last of Us


Not the time for a dad joke.

20/30 SG1 Stills

If I could show her Winterfell… give her a flower from the glass gardens, feast her in the Great Hall, and show her the stone kings on their thrones. We could bathe in the hot pools, and love beneath the heart tree while the old gods watched over us. The dream was sweet…but Winterfell would never be his to show. 

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im so desperate for a holiday that i’ve spent the last half hour looking at flights for somewhere where there’s a beach. but i don’t have anyone to go with and i really dont want to go on my own.